RC-33DL, RC-33DM, RC-33SM, RC-33SN, RC-33/KIT

Disposable Perfusion Inserts for 35 mm Dishes (Warner)

Designed to drop into the popular Corning 35 mm dish and provide a low cost perfusion chamber that's also disposable.

  • Low cost disposable chamber inserts for 35 mm Corning dishes
  • Slot-shaped bath for applications requiring rapid perfusion
  • Warner's diamond shaped bath in the large bath versions maintain Laminar flow characteristics
  • Both temperature and perfusion control are possible



The RC-33DL, RC-33DM, RC-33SM, and RC-33SN dish inserts are designed to drop into a Corning 35 mm dish to create a low cost, disposable perfusion chamber. The dish and insert combination can be used with any of Warner's microincubation chambers or the QE-1 quick exchange platform.

The low volume of the RC-33SN and RC-33SM slotted bath chambers and the natural laminar flow allows rapid exchange of solution, facilitating drug application studies. The diamond shaped baths of the RC-33DM and RC-33DL provide a larger working area while maintaining good flow characteristics. A suction well is incorporated into all inserts to insure quiet operation.

An available kit, the RC-33Kit, is a twelve pack containing three of each insert type.

Model RC-33DM RC-33DL RC-33SN RC-33SL
Bath Style Diamond Diamond Slotted Slotted
Bath Length 24.5 mm 24.5 mm 24.5 mm 24.5 mm
Bath Width 9.5 mm 15.2 mm 3.2 mm 6.0 mm
Bath Vol 152 µl/mm 241 µl/mm 77 µl/mm 118 µl/mm
Outer Diameter 33.5 mm 33.5 mm 33.5 mm 33.5 mm
Thickness 2.4 mm 2.4 mm 2.4 mm 2.4 mm