Linear Flow - Perfusion Recording Chambers (Dagan)

The RCP-6 (Polycarbonate) and RCP-6T (Thermally Conductive Plastic) are multi-purpose recording chambers designed for linear flow perfusion, and can be used with either dissecting or inverted microscopes. In addition, the control of perfusant and bath temperature is possible using the RCP-6T in conjunction with a Temperature Controller.

RCP-6T with optional HE200 Thermal Stage



BODY MATERIAL:             RCP-6, Polycarbonate   RCP-6T, Thermally Conductive Plastic
BOTTOM:                            No. 2 rectangular cover slip (24 mm × 50 mm)
WORKING AREA:                6 mm × 17 mm
PERFUSION INPUT PORT:  18 gauge stainless steel port
SUCTION OUTPUT:             18 gauge stainless steel port.


Delivery subject to the reservation of limited availability from the manufacturer.