RC-25, RC-25F

Open Diamond Bath Chambers for Round Coverslip (Warner)

The bottom of these chambers is formed from standard size round coverslips, a widely used culture support for cells destined for physiological recording and/or imaging. The RC-25 works with either 12 or 13 mm diameter coverslips and the RC-25F uses 15 mm coverslips.

RC-25 is ordered with P-3 or PH-3 platform.

RC-25F is ordered with P-4 or PH-4 platform.

Note: These chambers are not designed for coverslip insertion from the top.

  RC-25 RC-25F
Material polycarbonate polycarbonate
Bath dimensions
(L × W × H)
25 × 12 × 4.1 mm 24 × 13 × 4.1 mm
Volume, by depth 90 μl/mm 133 μl/mm
Bottom coverglass 12 mm round 15 mm round
Input tubing
(ID × OD)
1.14 × 1.57 mm (PE-160) 1.14 × 1.57 mm (PE-160)
Aspirator coupling 1.67 mm (OD) 1.67 mm (OD)