Large Bath Camber with Slice Supports (Warner)

A large rectangular bath with a slice support and anchor increases slice viability during long term studies.

  • Designed for tissue slice studies
  • Permits solution flow both above and below a tissue slice
  • Provides good access for immersion optics and electrodes.
  • Can be used with either upright or inverted microscopes
  • Slice anchors available


Slice Hold-Down

Two hold-down styles are avaible: a stainless steel “harp” and a rectangular plastic frame.  While the weight of the metal harp holds the slice in place, the plastic frame relies on a close apposition between itself and the sidewalls of the bath.  Hold-downs are available with thread spacing of 1, 1.5, and 2mm.



Bath dimensions  (L × W × H)
    38 × 18 × 3 mm

Outer dimensions  (L × W × H)
    50 × 25 × 4 - 8 mm

Volume, by depth
    560 μl/mm

Bottom coverglass
    24 × 50 mm

Slice support
    24 × 50 mm, Polycarbonate Lycra threads at 1 mm

Input tubing  (ID × OD)
    1.14 × 1.57 mm (PE-160)

Aspirator coupling
    1.67 mm (OD)