Mikromanipulator (Narishige)

With added one-axis fine movement in the same direction as the pipette.

Based on the M-152, this version adds the capability of fine movement on the X-axis, enabling accurate linear approach to the cell with no danger of causing it any serious damage. Employment of the bar mount system provides complete installation flexibility and greatly broadens the range of possible applications.



For attachment to the microscope, P-1A height adjustment plate included and a suitable mounting adaptor (sold separately) are required.
The ball joint included with the micromanipulator can be replaced by MMO-220A one-axis oil hydraulic micromanipulator (sold separately).


Accessories included

B-8B Ball Joint,
P-1A Height Adjustment Plate,
H-7 Pipette Holder,
Hex Wrench


Movement range

Coarse:  X 25 mm, Y 20 mm, Z 25 mm
Fine:     X 8 mm
Full rotation of knob 250 µm

Dimensions, Weight

W 95 × D 36 × H 135 mm, 320 g