3-Dimensional Motorized Stage (Sutter Instrument)

Many imaging experiments require the ability to move to multiple locations in a chamber or in a tissue culture dish. Large motorized stages accomplish this, but generally make the microscope into a single-use, motorized imaging station. The form factor of motorized stages usually precludes positioning other equipment such as manipulators at the same microscope.

Now, a simple attachment converts a standard Sutter MP-285 manipulator into the 3-Dimensional Motorized Stage. The 3DMS manipulator and stage attachment can be either mounted on an MT 75 gantry stand next to an upright microscope, or on an MD series stand attached to the body of an inverted microscope. The compact size allows manipulators and other equipment to be used simultaneously.

Refocusing is often required at the different X-Y locations when images are automatically acquired.  Normally this requires a motorized focus drive to be added to the microscope. Because the 3DMS is a three-axis manipulator, focusing (vertical movement of the stage) is already built in.  Surprisingly, this relatively small package still allows for 25mm of movement in X, Y and Z axes with micron precision.

The stage shown carries a Warner Instruments' RC style chamber and PM-1 holder (not included).  Other chambers can be accommodated.


Ordering Information

3 D M 5-285   Includes rack mount MP-285 controller, 3-axis motorized stage for microscope and ROE user interface

3 D M 5-200   Includes rack mount MPC-200 controller, 3-axis motorized stage for microscope and ROE user interface




3DMS   3-axis motorized stage mechanical only

X285DMS   Stage bracket mount (converts MP-285 to stage)