RCB-13, RCB-13T

Bilayer Recording Chambers (Dagan)

The RCB-13T is a general purpose chambers for the study of lipid bilayers in both ambient and temperature controlled conditions.

It is made form thermally conductive plastic. Temperature control is possible by using the RCB-13T in conjunction with a Temperature Controller.

Its Delrin cuvette mates with Thermal Stage HE-104R.

The cuvettes are machined from Delrin for both chamber configurations and are standard with a 254 µm (0.01") diameter aperture.  Other aperture sizes are available.

RC B-13            PVC Chamber with Delrin cuvette
RCB-13T           Thermally conductive Chamber with Delrin cuvette
DC-13               Spare Delrin Cuvette


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