Bilayer Chambers (Warner)

Classic design cups and chambers from Warner Instruments are designed such that addition of equal volumes to the cis and trans sides results in a balanced solution height, thus minimizing mechanical gradients across the bilayer membrane. All cuvettes have a 0.5 mm well milled into their base to confine the motion of stirbars and to reduce mechanical noise artifacts. A 2 × 5 mm or 2 × 7 mm Teflon-coated stirbar is supplied with each cuvette. Standard available aperture diameters are 150, 200 or 250 μm. The wall thickness at the aperture is 250 μm.


Bilayer Chambers

Chambers are made from black Delrin and have a 0.5 mm recessed well milled into the floor of the non-cup side to confine the motion of stirbars and to reduce mechanical noise artifacts. A 2 × 5 mm or 2 × 7 mm Tefloncoated stirbar is supplied with each chamber. Polyethylene centrifuge tubes (supplied) serve as intermediate wells for electrical connections between the headstage electrodes and the cup or chamber. Chambers include a nylon screw and rubber plug to secure the cups during use. The classic model has a window for viewing the aperture during membrane formation.


Bilayer Cuvettes

Polystyrene has been a favored material for cuvettes for several years. The physical properties of this material make for a high quality membrane support. However, its poor resistance to organic solvents can lead to degradation of the aperture. Cuvettes have also been made from Delrin (acetyl resin) and many users report good membrane formation as well as easier maintenance. It should be noted, however, that Delrin cuvettes do not work equally well in all applications and with all users. Warner Instruments now offers bilayer cups made from polysulfone. This material has many of the mechanical properties of polystyrene coupled with enhanced solvent resistance. The choice of material will depend on your application.


Ordering information

BCH-M22         Classic 22 mm  Bilayer Chamber (3 ml volume)

includes two 2 × 7 mm Stirbar Magnets.

matching Classic 22 mm Cuvettes

CP22A-150 Polystyrene with 150 μm Aperture
CP22A-200 Polystyrene with 200 μm Aperture
CP22A-250 Polystyrene with 250 μm Aperture
CD22A-150 Delrin with 150 μm Aperture
CD22A-200 Delrin with 200 μm Aperture
CD22A-250 Delrin with 250 μm Aperture
CF22A-150 Polysulfone with 150 μm Aperture
CF22A-200 Polysulfone with 200 μm Aperture
CF22A-250 Polysulfone with 250 μm Aperture