Single Channel Stimulator (Dagan)

The Dagan S-900 Stimulator inaugurates the Cornerstone series of instruments by Dagan.  This single channel stimulator was designed for precise timing control of electronic events in the research laboratory.  Interval and duration control of a single event or of train sequences have been built into the S-900.  All the functions you need are built into a single unit without the necessity of expensive add-on cards or modules.  When combined with a Dagan S-900 series isolator you will have everything you need for direct stimulation of physiological preparations in a compact and reliable package.

The S-900 features ten turn analog input controls for convenient and precise control of timing parameters. Unlike a conventional analog stimulator the accuracy and repeatability of functions has been maintained through the use of digital circuits for all timing.  As a result, the S-900 does not suffer from temperature stability and drift problems associated with multiple analog timers, which use capacitors for timing.  The settings are precise, accurate and repeatable.

The S-900 can be used to create pulses as long as 100 s at up to 1000 s intervals. Pulse trains up to 1000 s long are also possible.  The S-900 can so be used in conjunction with a second S-900 or any other timing device for an unlimited number of timing routines.  The S-900 has the capability to expand along with the expanding complexity of your research.

To further expand the capabilities of the S-900 the Quick step command generator can be used to generate the analog pulse output level.  This gives you remote hand-held amplitude control so you don't have to move across the room for just one more nanoamp of stimulus current.  The Quick Step also adds the capability of automatic increment routines, in which the stimulus level increases a predetermined amount at each successive occurrence.



All internally generated time functions are continuously variable in six switchable ranges. Ten turn calibrated dials set the value within each range with 0.2 % resolution. 

Pulse Interval    100 µs to 1000 s

Pulse Delay       10 µs to 100 s

Pulse Width      10 µs to 100 s

Train Duration      100 µs to 1000 s

Train Pulse Interval      10 µs to 100 s

Trigger Input       TTL and CMOS compatible edge sensitive interval control

Gate Input    TTL and CMOS compatible positive or negative state sensitive


Timing Outputs

Monitor output: TTL and CMOS compatible output active during pulse.

SYNC: 50 microseconds TTL and CMOS compatible. (Shorter or longer sync pulse widths user selectable)


Analog Outputs

Continuous or pulsed

Variable amplitude positive and negative polarity

Two ranges: 0 - 1 V, 0 - 10 V

RISE TIME: 3.5 µs

NOISE: less than 100 µV RMS in 30 kHz bandwidth (8 pole Bessel filter) at 10 V output range.

RESOLUTION: 0.2 % of full scale value

Output impedance: < 1 Ω

Isolator output: Current source, characteristics tailored for use with Dagan S-910 stimulus isolation unit.


Error Lights

LED indicates when the S-900 is unable to produce timing functions as set with the controls.  For instance, if the pulse width is set for a longer time than the interval between pulses, the pulse width error LED will light indicating this function cannot be accomplished.  The S-900 will continue to operate but the outputs will not accurately reflect the control inputs under these circumstances.



120 or 240 V AC switch selectable.  Power consumption is 9 W.  Semi-toroidal transformer and steel cabinet covers are used to eliminate electro-magnetic fields and prevent interference from other lab equipment.



19" wide rack mountable cabinet (rack mounting hardware supplied) 3.5 " high by 10" deep.

BNC connectors supplied on all input and output connections.



Delivery subject to the reservation of limited availability from the manufacturer.