Model 3800

8-Channel Programmable Stimulator (A-M Systems)

The Model 3800 MultiStim 8-Channel Programmable Stimulator is a multichannel programmable stimulator designed for a wide variety of applications.  It is highly flexible, being capable of simultaneously delivering up to eight different series of pulse trains comprised of monophasic or biphasic pulses.  In addition, the unit can produce trains of stepped pulses or paired pulses with easy to use built-in protocols.  Complicated stimulus trains can be generated by summing any channel’s own output with the outputs of up to seven other channels.  Timing on each channel may be initiated manually or upon receiving a trigger signal from 8 channel specific triggers, 3 non-specific triggers, any of the MultiStim’s other channels, the supplied PC-compatible software, or from a separate instrument or computer. All channels can be gated using either internal or external commands.  Sync pulses are available for use by other instruments and can track either train duration or pulse width. The Model 3800 MultiStim 8-channel Programmable Stimulator can produce pulses ranging in duration from one microsecond to 12 days.  Amplitudes can be set to range from –10 V to 10 V, with 1 mV resolution.  When combined with the Model 3820 External SIU, the voltage pulse can be scaled and converted into constant current, with output ranges of up to 20mA on each SIU channel.  The Model 3800 MultiStim 8-channel Programmable Stimulator is controlled by a front panel touch screen or an easy-to-use software program.  LabVIEW and MATLAB® drivers and applications are available.  Program parameters can be stored onboard the instrument for later recall, etc.




Optional Stimulus Isolation Unit
Model 3820 SIU
Product #710500



In addition to the easy-to-use touchscreen interface on the Model 3800’s front panel, the instrument can also be controlled by a free Windows-compatible application. This program controls all aspects of the stimulator, including channel settings and program names.  MATLAB® and LabVIEW drivers and applications are available for incorporation into your programming environment.  Multiple Model 3800’s can be controlled by a single application.



  • 8 Stimulators in single instrument
  • Channels can operate independently or can sum/trigger/gate each other
  • Ultra-Fast! 1 µs pulses every 3 µs
  • Paired Pulse or Stepping Pulse Protocols
  • Controlled via front-panel touch screen or free Windows-compatible program
  • Complete triggering and gating, including 8 channel specific BNC triggers
  • Biphasic pulses can ave independent phase amplitudes, or interphase periods
  • Store programs on board or offline
  • LabVIEW and MATLAB® interfaces supplied
  • 3-year warranty



Timing Range     1 µs to 250 h

Minimum Pulse Duration     1 µs monophasic; 2µs biphasic

Minimum Pulse Interval     1 µs monophasic; 2µs biphasic

Timing Accuracy     Better than 0.02%

Output     ± 10 V; ± 20 mA, with 1mV resolution

With Optional SIU     ± 100 V; ±10 mA, with selectable AC coupling; 500 kHz bandwidth

Built-in Stimulus Protocols     Monophasic, Biphasic, Paired Pulse, and Stepped pulse

Triggering     8 Channel-specific rear panel BNCs; 3 non-specific front panel BNCs that can be assigned to any single or set of channels; Interchannel triggering

Gating     3 non-specific front panel BNCs that can be assigned to any single or set of channels; Interchannel gating

Control     Via Front Panel touch screen or free PC compatible software application. Software programming guide is available (Serial communication over USB)