Amplifiers: IPA

and other Electrophysiological Devices


in vivo Experimentation: Narishige Stereotaxic Frame SRP-6M HT2

Equipment for in vivo Experimentation


Micropipette Fabrication: Sutter Instrument P2000

Micropipette Fabrication

Pullers, Bevelers/Grinders, Microforges

Microscope: Sutter Instrument MOM

Microscopes and Optical Equipment


Motorized Manipulator System: Sutter Instruemnt MP385

Manipulators & Steppers


Microinjection: Xenoworks

Microinjection and
Drug Application Systems


Reproduction Biology Tools: Parallabs TOX-IVOS-II

Reproduction Biology Tools


Perfusion System: Warner VC-77SP

Perfusion Systems

Recording Chambers,
Perfusion, Heating, Tissue Handling

Data Acquisition and Analysis: CED Spike-2

Data Acquisition and Analysis


SPT Tower 2

Tables, Towers, Racks & Cages

Vibration Isolation Tables and Platforms,
Tower Systems, Faraday Cages, Racks etc.

Consumables: Electrode Holders

Consumables and Small Parts

Electrodes, Glass Capillaries, Wires,
Filaments, Electrode holders

Fresh laid

New Products




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