Single Channel Temperature Controller (Warner)

The TC-124 Temperature Controller from Warner Instruments is a simple and low cost device designed for use with our microscope objective warmers.

  • Easy to use
  • Digitally set command temperatures
  • Ambient to 65 °C temperature range

Can be powered from 12 volt battery for sensitive electrophysiology applications

This unit is a basic on-off controller with slowly ramped switching speeds making it ideal for large mass devices where the temperature changes slowly.

The LED display reports the actual temperature of the connected device. Adjustment of the set temperature using either the heat up or heat down buttons causes the display to momentarily report the set temperature.

This compact instrument takes up very little space and may be powered from the 12 VDC wall power supply (included), or a 12 volt battery for low noise applications.

Input Voltage Range 9 to 16 VDC Max. Output Current 1.2 A Max. Output Power



Input Voltage Range
9 to 16 VDC

Max. Output Current
1.2 A

Max. Output Power
13 W

Temperature Ranges
(4) Set by DIP Switch: Ambient to +65°C

3-digit LED display, 10 mm high

Meter Resolution

Panel Indicators
Red: Heat-up Condition
Green: Heat-down Condition
Yellow: Displaying Set-Temperature Features Pushbutton entry of Set-Temperature Set-Temperature displayed for 3 seconds after setting Enclosure

Case Size 2.1 x 6.6 x 11.1 cm (H x W x D)

92 g

One year, parts & labor