Temperierkammern für Andor, Crest, Witec, Abberior

(Digital Pixel)
Digital Pixel  Environmental Chamber for Nikon / AndorNikon Ti-E inverted microscope system Andor Spinning Disk, Nikon Ti-E


Vibration Free Chamber System with CO2 control and sealed stage inserts

Digital Pixel have designed bespoke chamber systems compatible with a range of third party microscope equipment and microscope systems. Below is a list of some of the systems we have supported.


Andor Spinning Disk System

Digital Pixel have designed chamber upgrades to accommodate the new Andor CSU-11 spinning disk head


Perkin Elmer Spinning Disk System

Compatible with the various Perkin Elmer systems out chambers, provide easy access to the scanning head and system peripeherals.


Crest Spinning Disk System

The latest addition to our range our CREST spinning disk chamber is microscope mounted proving great access to system components.


Witec Raman and AFM Microscope

Combines an Upright and Inverted microscope system on the same chassis. These systems are sometimes combined with AFM systems our vibration free heater systems are invaluable in this application area.


Abberior STED Microscope System

Digital Pixel have designed a vibration free chamber system for this system using an Olympus IX83 as the microscope platform. The chamber allows the user to access the STED optics for system adjustment without having to remove the chamber.

Abberior STED System
Olympus IX83 motorised inverted microscope with Vibration Free Environmental Chamber