xy Mikroskop-Verschiebetisch (Science Products)

When recording from organotypic slices or other cell cultures grown on glass coverslips, it is often necessary to view multiple sites with a microscope without disturbing stimulating and recording electrodes.  This is accomplished by mounting the chamber, micromanipulators and other apparatus on a fixed stage (available for mounting on the Science Products tower system).  The microscope is placed on a moveable platform with fine adjustment in the x and y axes.

The VT-1 is a large x-y platforms made to carry the weight of a microscope and its attachments, while providing fine motion control, up to 25 mm in both directions.  Manual adjustments are made with ultra fine screw drives providing resolution > 1 µm.




Maximum load       50 kg


Surface area

Model VT-1:  240 × 450 mm



Height      51 mm

Travel      x axis, y axis:   25 mm


Options:  Translation tables can be mounted on the basic platform  of the SPT tower system.

Note:  Delivery may take up 8 or 10 weeks after order.