Mikromanipulator-System in schmaler Bauform (Sutter Instrument)


Sutter’s  MP-265/M "narrow format" mechanical is designed especially for patch-slice manipulator systems that require more than 2 or 3 pipettes.  Coupled with the multi-manipulator controller, MPC-200, users have the ability to easily build up multi-manipulator MPC-365 systems for positioning mul­tiple recording and stimulating pipettes.

The MP265/M mechanical builds on Sutter's existing manipulator line in several ways.  First, narrow format means more manipulators can be grouped around a recording chamber.  A long throw (25 mm) radial X-axis provides an easier approach to and from the optical center.  Finally, travel in the Y-axis is shortened (12.5 mm) to economize on width, which is made possible because radially oriented manipulators do not require long travel in this axis.

The MP-265/M manipulator is designed specifically for systems requiring 4 or more manipulators.  To this end, we have put together systems with special pricing for 4, 5 and 6 manipulators, and 2 or 3 dual manipulator controllers. We are also unveiling a new linear slide for mounting the MP-265/M mechanical as well as for our other manipulators. With the linear slide gantry (MT-75/LS), the manipulator can be quickly and smoothly moved out to a location where there is easy access to the pipette for replacement.

A single controller capable of running 2 manipulators! Sutter Instrument has taken the simplicity of the MP-225 controller and expanded it to run two manipulators from a single controller/ROE. The MPC-200 works with one or two of Sutter's mechanicals, the MP-285 (MPC-385) or the MP-225 (MPC-325). The controller is self-detecting so there is no need for manual configuration of the components.

If two manipulators aren’t enough, a second controller can be daisy chained to allow the single ROE-200 to move up to four manipulators.  Thus the system can be easily expanded to control highly sophisticated experiments.



  • Single controller and ROE will run two stepper motor drive manipulators
  • Self-detecting, daisy-chain capability allows control of four manipulators from one ROE-200
  • User-friendly interface: single button access to all major functions
  • New Accelerated Mode for fast, manual manipulator movement
  • Easy toggle selection of Mode (speed/resolution, pulsed diagonal, Accelerated Mode)
  • Display indicates X, Y, Z coordinates, Mode, active manipulator
  • Robotic Home and Work Position moves for easy automated pipette exchange
  • Faster robotic moves than previous versions
  • Definable 4th axis for coaxial pipette movement, angle selected by DIP switches
  • Simple USB interface
  • Toggle switch selects which manipulator is connected to input device
  • LED and display indicate active manipulator
  • Low-drift mechanical stability
  • Narrow stand with linear slide



Resolution and full Travel:
Minimal microsteps size is 62.5 nm per microstep.  Display has single micron resolution.  Full travel is 25 mm in each axis.

Maximum Speed:  MP-225 mechanical 3 mm/s

Dimensions: controller   41 cm × 28 cm × 9 cm
                     ROE         25 cm × 15 cm × 23 cm

Weight:        controller   3 kg
                     ROE         1.6 kg

Electrical:     115/230 V; 50/60 Hz power line


Ordering Information

MPC-365   includes one MP-265/M manipulator mechanical, one MPC-200 controller and one ROE-200,  mounting adapter plate, rod holder, 4 inch dovetail extension, manipulator and ROE connecting cables, powercord and manual*

MPC-365-2 same as the MPC-365, but with two MP-265/M mechanicals*

MPC-365-3 same as the MPC-365, but with three MP-265/M mechanicals, two MPC-200 controllers *

MPC-365-4 same as the MPC-365, but with four MP-265/M  mechanicals, two MPC-200 controllers *

MPC-365-5 same as the MPC-365, but with five MP-265/M  mechanicals, three MPC-200 controllers and two ROE-200*

MPC-365-6 same as the MPC-365, but with six MP-265/M  mechanicals, three MPC-200 controllers and two ROE-200*



MPC-200   Controller box alone. Purchase this if you intend to daisy chain two controllers to one ROE-200. In this configuration, up to four manipulators can be controlled by a single ROE-200. Note: this is not a stand-alone device. In order to function, the MPC-200 must be connected to a second MP-200 with ROE-200 attached or be connected to its own ROE-200. Includes daisy chain cables, power cord and manual.

ROE-200   This is the ROE alone. Provides user input to one or more MPC-200 controllers.This component is intended for users who have an existing four-manipulator MPC-200 system with a single ROE-200 and wish to split it into two independent two-manipulator systems. Includes cable to connect ROE to controller.

MP-265/M   The MP-265 manipulator mechanical alone. Includes mounting adapter plate, rod holder, 4in. dovetail extension, hinged headstage mount and cable to connect manipulator to controller.

* Indicate right- or left-handed set-up when ordering