Micromanipulator (Märzhäuser)

Specially for use with  Injectors  for oocyte injection  and similar applications, this joystick-controlled micromanipulator allows an  easy 'steering' motion that translates normal hand movement into smooth submillimeter shifts.  Viewed microscopically, movement of the tool-tip corresponds naturally to hand movement so accurate resolution is intuitive and quick. All fine adjustment can be controlled by the joystick. Pivoting forward, backward, or laterally gives precise x-y adjustment; twisting the joystick adjusts the tool-tip vertically.  For added convenience, a separate coarse control lever is also provided for quick raising and lowering.  A stop screw, which is set once resolution is achieved, eliminates refocusing and streamlines repetitive work by guiding the tip to its previous focussing plane.  The stop screw also prevents the tool-tip from being broken during sudden lowering and eliminates downward drift. The placement is even stable enough for extended use.  Because the probe holder tilts a full 90°, the tool-tip pivots easily for precise positioning.  A Rack-and-pinion drive, V-shaped guideways, and cross roller bearings eliminate backlash, slipping, and sticking.  All contact parts are milled of hardened steel for precise performance and long life.


Travel x- axis   37 mm
y- axis   20 mm
z- axis   25 mm
Joystick- travel

0.35 mm to 3.5 mm
depending on reduction gear ratio setting;
adjustable between 1:15 and 1:150