WP-10, WP-16

Warmed Platforms (Warner)

These warmed platforms are designed to maintain the temperature of 35 and 50 mm Petri dishes, as well as glass slides and chambered slides, on a microscope stage.

  • Temperature Control from 25° to 65° C
  • Stage Adapters for all major brand microscopes
  • Low cost systems

Apertures are available in two sizes of 10 mm and 16 mm, and these aluminum platforms provide excellent mechanical access from above and below with very good heat conductivity. Platforms are finished in black anodize for corrosion protection and minimize stray light reflectance. A grove in the top surface of the platform allows Petri dishes with a raised bottom to achieve full contact with the platform heated surface. Control of platform heating is provided by either a TC-124A or TC-144 temperature controller.

Complete systems have been defined to fit Nikon microscopes having a 10.8 cm round stage cutout or Olympus microscopes having a 11.0 cm cutout. All other microscope stages can be easily accommodated using a standard Warner Series 20 stage adapter.

Complete systems include a warmed platform (specify aperture), a TC-124A temperature controller (specify line voltage), and stage adapter (specify SA-NIK or SA-OLY/2).



Temperature Range     25 to 65° C
Accuracy                     ± 0.1° C
Feedback Thermistor     Built in Unical 10kΩ at 25° C
Controller         TC-124A/TC-144 Single and Dual Channel Controllers

Physical Dimensions

Warmed Platforms     (DxL) 79.4 × 3.2 mm
Aperture Size        (D) 10 mm-WP-10, 16 mm -WP-16
Weight                     50 g
Cable Length            2.4 m
Connector Type     4 pin Male RJ-22
Warranty                 One Year