HE-200 Series

Thermal Stages (Dagan)
Dagan HE-200 Series Thermal StagesHE-204 with RCP-6T Recording Chamber
  • Features
  • Dove Tail Groove in base for perfusant lines
  • Adapter plates to custom fit into most types of microscopes
  • Interchangeable with any Dagan Temperature controller
  • Used with both conventional and inverted microscopes
  • Provides both Heating and Cooling using Peltier devices
  • Heat or Cool both Bath and Perfusant simultaneously
  • Does not introduce electrical noise into measurements
  • Water cooled Heat Exchanger enhances thigh thermal conductivity
  • Does not interfere with microscope optics
  • Over Temperature Protection prevents damage to peltier devices

The HE-201 is used for 35mm Petri dish or coverslip, the HE-204 is used for thermally conductive chambers

The HE-201 and the HE-204 Stages have Dove Tale Grooves running through the base to allow you to place perfusion tubing to pre cool/heat the perfusant to the desired temperature before it enters the bath. The temperature sensing thermistor can be placed in the bath, or on the block via a small mounting hole in the rear. The HCC-100A uses two thermistors, one in the bath, and one in the block.

The HE-204 Stages are designed to be used with specially engineered thermally conductive recording chambers. These Stages takes unique advantage of the superior capabilities of Dagan controllers. The chambers are available for these application are: RCP-6T for Perfusion recording; RCP-10T for Perfusion recording; RCB-13T for Bilayer recording.

Adapter Plate to mate to Microscope Stage (Order separately and specify Microscope Manufacturer and Model number). Note: It may be necessary to supply dimensions for some microscope types.



Delivery subject to the reservation of limited availability from the manufacturer.