HE-100 Series

Thermal Stages (Dagan)
Dagan HE-100 Series Thermal StagesHE-104R with RCP-10T Recording Chamber


  • Interchangeable with any Dagan Temperature controller
  • Used with both conventional and inverted microscopes
  • Provides both Heating and Cooling using Peltier devices
  • Heat or cool both Bath and Perfusant simultaneously
  • Does not introduce electrical noise into measurements
  • Water cooled Heat Exchanger enhances thigh thermal conductivity
  • Does not interfere with microscope optics
  • Over Temperature Protection prevents damage to Peltier devices

Use the HE-101 i.e. for 35 mm Petri dish or coverslip,
the HE-102 for perfusion solution temperature control,
and the HE-104 for thermally conductive chambers

The HE-101 and the HE-104 Stages have two holes running through the base to allow you to run several loops of perfusion tubing to pre cool/heat the perfusant to the desired temperature before it enters the bath. The temperature sensing thermistor can be placed in the bath, or on the block via a small mounting hole in the rear.

The HE-104 Stages are designed to be used with specially engineered thermally conductive recording chambers. The chambers are available for these application are: RCP-6T for Perfusion recording; RCP-10T for Perfusion recording; RCB-13T for Bilayer recording; CC-1T for Cut-Open Oocyte recording with the Dagan CA-1B Two Electrode Voltage Clamp.


Delivery subject to the reservation of limited availability from the manufacturer.