Dagan BVC-700A

Whole Cell Clamp; Bridge & Voltage Clamp Amplifier

The BVC-700A is a microelectrode preamplifier with both Bridge Current Clamp and Continuous Voltage Clamp Capability. The BVC-700A was designed to serve a wide variety of applications including: Continuous Voltage or Current Clamping; Patch pipette recording; Intracellular recording; Extracellular recording (with the optional 8024 headstage).

The BVC-700A is a complete instrument with DC and pulsed voltage clamping and current passing capability, filtering, electrode impedance testing, and a LCD voltage, current, and electrode impedance meter . The optional BUZ-1 Universal Buzz Box adds amplitude, duration, and frequency features for rupturing into cells (buzzing).


  • Operates as both a Bridge Current Clamp and a Continuous Voltage Clamp Amplifier
  • Small Box Probe in five current ranges with automatic decimal point selector on meter
  • Gated Independent Step Command current or voltage generator with a three digit digital push wheel programming dial
  • LED indicator lights for headstage multiplier and meter mode
  • Buzz control to facilitate cell penetration
  • Small size takes up less rack space, yet is uncluttered, easy to use, with well defined controls
  • Optional 1000 Gain AC Coupled Headstage for extracellular recording

2 New Features for the BVC-700A

  • The Bridge Balance control doubles as a Series Resistance control in the Voltage Clamp Mode
  • Two Ranges for external I Clamp- Selectable between 20 nA/V or 100 nA/V scaled by the headstage multiplier



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